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Ref No.
2021/40667 Proposed single storey side and rear extension 26, CLARENCE ROAD, GRAPPENHALL AND THELWALL, WARRINGTON, WA4 2PQ
2021/40668 Application to consider condition 5 (Contaminated Land Condition -Completion inc Controlled Waters) following approval 2016/29487 (remediation of site to construct a base for possible future development including associated highways & drainage) FORMER SPECTRA PARK AND DRIVETIME GOLF RANGE, SLUTCHERS LANE, WARRINGTON, WA1 1QL
2021/40678 Application for works to trees covered by a Tree Preservation order (Situated in 20 Woodlands avenue) overhanging onto garden of 23 Wellcroft Gardens 23, WELLCROFT GARDENS, LYMM, WARRINGTON, WA13 0LU
2021/40683 Retrospective change of use from open storage to use land for siting of storage containers for a temporary period of three years PILLMOSS BARN, HATTON LANE, HATTON, WARRINGTON, WA4 4DA
2021/40685 Part single storey and part two storey extension to front, side and rear GLENDALE, BALMORAL ROAD, GRAPPENHALL AND THELWALL, WARRINGTON, WA4 2EB
2021/40686 Proposed construction of 1 no. detached dwelling, including detached garage on land adjacent to the Gables, Broseley lane (Resubmission to 2020/36322) Land Adjacent to, The Gables, Brosley Lane, Culcheth and Glazebury, Warrington, WA3 4HW
2021/40688 Single storey side extension and garage conversion. 8, EMERALD DRIVE, CROFT, WARRINGTON, WA3 7AD
2021/40692 Section 192 Lawful Development Certificate - Proposed single storey pitched/flat roof side extension 1A, THE DRIVE, LYMM, WARRINGTON, WA13 0SF
2021/40694 Proposed new rear access point and external fire escape stair, above flat roof area, to existing first floor apartment THE FEATHERS, BRIDGE STREET, BEWSEY AND WHITECROSS, WARRINGTON, WA1 2RF
2021/40698 Retention of highway access and parking space 2, CROSS COTTAGES, PEPPER STREET, APPLETON, WARRINGTON, WA4 4SF