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2021/40451 Proposed loft conversion with rear dormer. 2, AGDEN PARK LANE, LYMM, WARRINGTON, WA13 0TS
2021/40459 Proposed garage conversion 40, EDWARD GARDENS, WOOLSTON, WARRINGTON, WA1 4QT
2021/40471 Proposed single storey rear extension. 56, LONGBUTT LANE, LYMM, WARRINGTON, WA13 0QX
2021/40472 Proposed part single storey and part two storey side extension, including the replacement of the existing garden outbuilding and the removal of two external chimney stacks 53, VICTORIA ROAD, STOCKTON HEATH, WARRINGTON, WA4 2AL
2021/40475 Discharge of Condition 29 (Service Management Plan) on previously approved application 2020/36800 (Residential Development) FORMER SKATE ACADEMY, ACADEMY STREET, BEWSEY AND WHITECROSS,WARRINGTON, WA1 2BQ
2021/40478 Internal alterations. Doors & windows altered to side & rear external walls. 465, LONDON ROAD, WARRINGTON, WA4 5DP
2021/40479 Proposed change of use of land to breakdown recovery site (sui Generis) including the siting of a porta-cabins; provision of pole mounted CCTV; and associated works Land bounded by Battersby Lane/Hopwood Street, Warrington
2021/40480 First floor extension to front and a single storey rear extension 10, BARSHAW GARDENS, APPLETON, WARRINGTON, WA4 5FA
2021/40481 Hip to gable extension, loft conversion with rear dormer and partial garage conversion 549, LONDON ROAD, WARRINGTON, WA4 5PH
2021/40483 Discharge of Condition 23 (Affordable Housing) on previously approved application 2017/29930 (Residential Development) LAND BOUNDED BY GREEN LANE AND DIPPING BROOK AVENUE ,APPLETON, WARRINGTON,WA4 5NN