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2021/39026 Householder - Proposed single Storey Side extension / infill with existing Garage, glazing to front porch , garage conversion & single-storey rear extension. 1, BEAMISH CLOSE, STRETTON, WARRINGTON, WA4 5RJ
2021/39027 Householder - Proposed demolition of existing conservatory and replace with single storey rear extension 25, LADY ACRE CLOSE, LYMM, WARRINGTON, WA13 0SN
2021/39028 Full Planning - Proposed roof terrace boarded with a balustrade wrought and glass wall approximately 1.3 metres in height 48-50, LONDON ROAD, WARRINGTON, WA4 6HN
2021/39029 Householder - Proposed single storey side extension FIELD HOUSE, HIGHER LANE, LYMM, WARRINGTON, WA13 0RL
2021/39030 Householder - Proposed single storey side and rear extension and erection of a two metre high wall 45, WEST AVENUE, STOCKTON HEATH, WARRINGTON, WA4 6HU
2021/39034 Discharge of condition - Proposed discharge of Condition 4 (Surface water drainage), Condition 8 (Characterisation and Remediation and Verification) and Condition 9 (Remediation and verification, contamination, long term monitoring and maintenance) on previously approved application 2012/20949 (office building) Ingevity, Warrington Plant, Baronet Road, Warrington, WA4 6HA
2021/39036 Discharge of conditions - Proposed discharge of condition 10 (staircase ventilation) attached to listed building consent 2020/38220 (conversion works to facilitate change of use to apartments). 1 Winwick Street, Warrington, WA1 1XR
2021/39037 Discharge of Condition - Proposed discharge of condition 4 (Noise) on previously approved application 2020/38020 (animal veterinary surgery) 27, BURFORD LANE, LYMM, WARRINGTON, WA13 0SH
2021/39039 Householder - Removal of existing conservatory and existing rear extension; and proposed new single storey side and rear extension and garage conversion. 27, MEETING LANE, PENKETH, WARRINGTON, WA5 2QU
2021/39040 Householder - Proposed Demolition of existing conservatory and new single storey extension 81, HIGHFIELD ROAD, LYMM, WARRINGTON, WA13 0DT