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2021/38626 Householder - Proposed single storey rear and side extension, garage conversion and new silicone render finish to all elevations 5, DAM LANE, WOOLSTON, WARRINGTON, WA1 4HH
2021/38627 Householder - Proposed two storey gable and single storey rear extension 554, MANCHESTER ROAD, WARRINGTON, WA1 3UA
2021/38628 Discharge of Condition - Proposed discharge of condition 5 (Pre-commencement-Characterisation & Remediation Strategy) 71, WHITBARROW ROAD, LYMM, WARRINGTON, WA13 9AY
2021/38629 Householder - Proposed Garage conversion 4, ABSTONE CLOSE, WOOLSTON, WARRINGTON, WA1 4NQ
2021/38633 Lawful Development Certificate-Proposed garage conversion to form garden room. 264, LONDON ROAD, WARRINGTON, WA4 5DF
2021/38636 Non Material Amendment - Proposed Additional wall within the approved site to form demarcation of the plot into two residential units on application 2017/31518 ( Full Planning - Proposed new dwelling) 71, WHITBARROW ROAD, LYMM, WARRINGTON, WA13 9AY
2021/38637 Non Material Amendment - Proposed Change brick finish of the garage to rendered finish on application 2020/37872 (Householder - Proposed Garage conversion including bay window) 2, THIRLMERE DRIVE, LYMM, WARRINGTON, WA13 9PE
2021/38639 Householder - Proposed single storey rear extension 25, WADESON WAY, CROFT, WARRINGTON, WA3 7JW
2021/38640 Lawful Development Certificate - Existing Children's Residential Accommodation (Use Class C2) CROSSLANDS, WALNUT TREE LANE, APPLETON, WARRINGTON, WA4 5NN
2021/38641 Householder - Proposed garage conversion (amended description) 15, FOXHILLS CLOSE, STRETTON, WARRINGTON, WA4 5DH