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Ref No.
2016/28890 42 Day Householder Prior Approval - Proposed rear ground floor extension infilling and squaring off ground floor to form extended kitchen and dining area to extend beyond the rear wall by 5.37m, maximum height of 2.9m and height of eaves at 2.7m. 446, STOCKPORT ROAD, GRAPPENHALL AND THELWALL, WARRINGTON, WA4 2TR
2016/28891 Variation of Conditions (Major) - Proposed Variation of Condition 2 (Development to be carried out in accordance with approved plans/documents) to substitute house types (plots 67-68, 83-97), new detached garages to plots 86, 88, 89, 90, 96, 97 and increase the number of dwellings by 5 (plots 114-118 ) to a total of 118 on previously approved application 2016/27508 (pursuant to 2013/22322). LAND SOUTH OF WESTBROOK CRESCENT, WARRINGTON, WA5 8WD
2016/28892 Householder - Proposed detached garage / workshop for the restoration, maintenance and storing of classic cars 751, WARRINGTON ROAD, WARRINGTON, WA3 6AR
2016/28893 Lawful Development Certificate - Existing side extension 3, GREEN LANE CLOSE, WINWICK, WARRINGTON, WA2 8RG
2016/28894 Householder- Proposed single storey rear and side extensions and garage conversion 14, FRECKLETON CLOSE, GREAT SANKEY, WARRINGTON, WA5 2TH
2016/28895 Trees in a conservation area - Proposed works to trees T1 Ash - Fell, T2 Ash - Fell or remove limb, T3 Ash/Cherry - Fell, T4 Elder/Cherry - Fell and T5 Rowan - Fell 129, CHURCH STREET, FAIRFIELD AND HOWLEY, WARRINGTON, WA1 2TL
2016/28896 TPO - Proposed works to Oak T28 and Oak T27 of TPO 486. T27 - oak tree overhangs into garden of 76 Culcheth Hall Drive. Permission requested to carry out crown lift in order to take back overhang by a maximum of 4 feet to allow light into the garden and plants/lawn to flourish. Some deadwood within tree. T28 - permission requested to carry out a crown lift including removing crossing branches need one branch removing, 2 large branches coming towards property (no 76 Culcheth Hall Drive) - permission requested to take both of these branches back to trunk. 76, CULCHETH HALL DRIVE, CULCHETH AND GLAZEBURY, WARRINGTON, WA3 4PX
2016/28897 Full Planning - Changes to apartment block approved under planning ref: 2009/14707 including substitution of the ground floor retail unit to form 4No apartments; elevation changes to ground floor windows; and re-allocation of parking spaces Edgewater Park, Thelwall Lane, Lachford, Warrington, WA4 1NL
2016/28898 Full Planning - Proposed retention of an ATM installed to the left of the glazed shop front. Glazing to the far left hand window frame has been replaced with a new white laminate security infill panel incorporating the ATM. The existing security roller shutter has been modified to allow constant use of the ATM. 9, BRUCHE HEATH GARDENS, POULTON-WITH-FEARNHEAD, WARRINGTON, WA1 3TP
2016/28899 Advertisement - Proposed retention of ATM fascia with illuminated black and green polycarbonate surround signage with white lettering, Illuminated lettering and halo illumination to the polycarbonate surround. Cashzone green acrylic ATM fascia top sign with white illuminated lettering "cashzone" and accepted card logos. 9, BRUCHE HEATH GARDENS, POULTON-WITH-FEARNHEAD, WARRINGTON, WA1 3TP