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Ref No.
2016/28840 Variation of Condition 2 (Development to be carried out in accordance with approved plans) to include a porch to each dwelling, small internal reconfiguration and amended window arrangements on previously approved application 2013/22487 2, MAYTHORN AVENUE, CROFT, WARRINGTON, WA3 7HP
2016/28842 Advertisement - Proposed installation of a double facing outdoor digital advertising screen Land Adjacent to 51 to 59 Winwick Road, Winwick Road, Warrington, WA2 7DH
2016/28843 Householder - Proposed single storey side and rear wrap around extension 88, KINROSS CLOSE, WINWICK, WARRINGTON, WA2 0UR
2016/28845 Discharge of Condition - Proposed discharge of Conditions 3 (Bin storage), Condition 8 (submission of Air extraction/ filtration sytem for A3 or A3/A5 units), Condition 10 (Comprehensive assessment of lighting details), Condition 11 (details of the proposed deliveries to, collections from and waste collection for any individual plot ), Condition 12 (details of scheme of bicycle and motorcycle parking provision) and Condition 13 (details of a scheme of enlarged parking spaces, disabled parking spaces and pedestrian routing) on previously approved application 2016/27482 (All conditions relate to unit 11 (KFC) only) Unit 11 Alban Retail Park, Hawleys Lane, Bewsey and Whitecross, WARRINGTON, WA2 8TP
2016/28846 Full Planning - Application for Retrospective planning application for the insertion of a mezzanine level at first floor and a bank of low level windows on the front elevation of the building. Full planning permission for the extension of the first floor mezzanine level and re-arrangement of the internal floor space to consist of B1 and B2/B8 use classes. 204, CAVENDISH PLACE, BIRCHWOOD, WARRINGTON, WA3 6WU
2016/28847 Full Planning - Proposed Development of 4 containerised units for the storage of electricity together with the ancillary infrastructure. LAND TO THE NORTH OF, THELWALL LANE, WARRINGTON, WA4 1LJ
2016/28849 Discharge of Condition - Proposed discharge of Conditions 3 (Bin storage), Condition 4 (External facing materials), Condition 5 (A: Characterisation, B: Remediation and Verification strategy), Condition 7 (Construction Environmental Management Plan), Condition 11 (Details of the proposed deliveries to, collections from and waste collections for any individual plot) and Condition 14 (Servicing management strategy.) on previously approved application 2016/27482 Unit 10, ALBAN RETAIL PARK, HAWLEYS LANE, BEWSEY AND WHITECROSS, WARRINGTON
2016/28851 Full Planning- Proposed Demolition of an existing conservatory extension and brick outbuilding, construction of new single storey extensions and change of use of the existing coach house to C2. Arlington House, 88 , Ackers Road, Stockton Heath, WARRINGTON, WA4 2EA
2016/28852 Advertisement - Proposed x1 replacement digital printed flexible PVC sign face to fit existing sign Unit E and F Birchwood Shopping Centre, Benson Road, Birchwood, WARRINGTON, WA3 7PQ
2016/28854 Householder - Proposed loft conversion including modification of the existing hipped roof to a gable end construction and single storey extension to the rear of the dwelling. 8, WRIGHTS GREEN, LUMB BROOK ROAD, APPLETON, WARRINGTON, WA4 3HN