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Lymm South


Householder - Proposed two storey rear and side extension

Decision made

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Decision: Refused

Decision Date: 25-Feb-2022

Conditions/Reasons For Refusal:

Type Description
Informative As part of the determination of this planning application the Local Planning Authority has worked pro-actively and positively with the applicant ensuring that upon receipt all representations and consultation responses are available to view on the Council's web site. The Local Planning Authority has considered the application and where necessary considered either the imposition of planning conditions and/or sought reasonable amendments to the application in order to deliver a sustainable form of development in accordance with the National Planning Policy Framework.
Informative The plans and documents considered as part of this application include: (a) Unnumbered Site Location Plan (1:1250); 01 (Existing Floor Plans); 02 (Existing Roof & Site Plan); 03 (Existing Elevations & Sections); 04 (Proposed Floor Plans); 05 (Proposed Roof & Site Plan); 06 (Proposed Elevations & Sections); Green Belt Statement – October 2021; all as received by Warrington Borough Council on 21 October 2021. (b) Table - of Internal Floorspace & External Volume Calculations; 25 Massey Avenue - Agents Site Photos – Received 22-01-22; Agents Response of 22-01-22 to LPA Queries – Text in Red; Agents 45 Degree Plan – from 23 Massey Avenue – 22-01-22; Agents 45 Degree Plan – from 27 Massey Avenue – 22-01-22; all as received by Warrington Borough Council on 22 January 2022.
Reason The proposed development, when taken cumulatively with previous additions, would result in a disproportionate addition to the dwelling over and above the size of the original building. The development is therefore inappropriate development within the green belt. No very special circumstances have been identified to justify allowing inappropriate development in the Green Belt in this instance. The proposals are contrary to Policy CS5 of the Local Plan Core Strategy, the Councils adopted SPD on House Extensions, and national Government guidance contained within the NPPF.