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Decision: Approved with Conditions

Decision Date: 03-Mar-2021

Conditions/Reasons For Refusal:

Type Description
Condition The development hereby approved shall be commenced before the expiration of three years from the date of this permission. Reason: To ensure that the Local Planning Authority retains the right to review unimplemented permissions and to comply with Section 91 (as amended) of the Town & Country Planning Act 1990.
Condition The development shall be carried out in accordance with the following documents: (a) The planning application forms and additional information received by Warrington Borough Council on 05/01/21. (b) Submitted drawing No's 001; 002 & Site Location Plan received on 05/01/21. Reason: for the avoidance of doubt and to enable Warrington Borough Council to adequately control the development and to minimise its impact on the amenities of the local area and to conform with Policy QE7 of the Warrington Core Strategy.
Condition All materials to be used in the approved scheme shall be as stated on the application form and approved drawings and shall not be varied without the prior written approval of the Local Planning authority Reason: To ensure that the development will be of a satisfactory appearance and to comply with Policy QE7 of the Warrington Core Strategy and the Warrington SPD: Design and Construction
Informative The enclosed approval is issued under the Town & Country Planning Act 1990. You may also require Building Regulation approval which is dealt with by the Councils Building Control Section. You must ensure that all necessary permissions are obtained BEFORE starting work, otherwise abortive expense may be incurred. The full or partial demolition of a building will require the submission of a Section 80 Notice to Building Control, more advice on this can be found at
Informative As part of the determination of this planning application the Local Planning Authority has worked pro-actively and positively with the applicant ensuring that upon receipt all representations and consultation responses are available to view on the Council's web site. The Local Planning Authority has considered the application and where necessary considered either the imposition of planning conditions and/or sought reasonable amendments to the application in order to deliver a sustainable form of development in accordance with the National Planning Policy Framework.