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Full Planning (Major)



Land to the east of Stretton Road, north of Pepper Street, Stretton Road, Appleton Thorn, Warrington

Full Planning (Major) - Construction of 78 dwellings with new vehicle access, pu

Decision: Refused

Decision Date: 29-Jun-2017

Conditions/Reasons For Refusal:

Type Description
Informative The refusal is based upon the following plans/documents: NW008-LP-001A – Location Plan NW008-SL-001C - Site Plan Housetype Pack – Consisting of a number of floor plans and elevations of houses 101 Rev. E – Landscape Layout A100356-100 Rev. A - Proposed Contours & FFLs NW008-SL-003 – Parking Allocations Plan NW008-SL-004 – Refuse Strategy NW008-SL-007 – Materials Layout NW008-SDL-007 – Site Masterplan NW008-LE-1001 – Master Conveyance Plan APPLETON-01 – Topographical Survey 2D (2 Plans) NW008-PD-850b – 852b & NW008-PD-856b – 859b – Artistic Impressions 2013-093-18a – Planning Statement Design & Access Statement - Revision E Flood Risk Assessment – A100356 – dated 20th December 2016 Updated Ecological Assessment – 5808.001 – dated June 2016 Statement of Community Involvement – dated December 2016 Transport Assessment - Dated 5/6/17 Response to highways Green Screen – 3 photographs Green Screen (Mobilane leaflet) Technical Information - Green Screens (Mobilane leaflet) Energy Statement Version 1 – November 2016 Crime Impact Statement - 15/11/2015 Arboricultural Impact Assessment/Method Statement - 20 December 2016 Phase 1 Site Investigation Report – April 2014 Noise Assessment – December 2016 Air Quality Assessment – December 2016 Heritage Impact Assessment - December 2016 Neighbourhood Plan Policies
Reason The proposals would not deliver the measures required to support a development of this nature and scale, with regard to the provision of school places and affordable housing provision required by the Council’s adopted Planning Obligations Supplementary Planning Document, in support of policies CS1 (second and seventh bullet points) and MP10 (first and third bullets) of the Local Plan Core Strategy for Warrington and policy AT-H3 of the adopted Appleton Thorn Neighbourhood Plan. In the absence of such provision it is considered that the adverse effects of granting permission would significantly and demonstrably outweigh the benefits, when assessed against the policies in the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) taken as a whole, and that the proposed development would not be sustainable in the sense intended by paragraph 7 (second bullet) of the NPPF.
Reason The proposals fail to demonstrate that safe and efficient movements can be undertaken by heavy goods vehicles or by refuse collections vehicles, and this would result in severe harm to road safety. Insufficient and inadequate information has been submitted to demonstrate how a number of aspects of the proposed scheme, including how the reversing movements of refuse vehicles to the elongated section of private driveway to the north of the site can be safely achieved; how the provision of rear parking areas in conflict with the Council’s adopted Standards for Parking Supplementary Planning Document is justified; nor how all proposed driveway access could be safety used (without the risks posed by vehicles driving on the footway on the approach to access/ egress the driveways). Cumulatively therefore, the proposed development would conflict with paragraph 32 of the NPPF; with policies CS1 and MP1 of the Local Plan Core Strategy for Warrington; with the Council’s adopted Standards for Parking SPD, (including Design Guide Note 1 (September 2015)); the Council’s Design Guide for Residential and Industrial Estate Roads (6th May 2008), and with Policies AT-H1, AT-H3 and AT-D1 of the Appleton Thorn Neighbourhood Plan.