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Environmental Assessment Application

Unparished Area WINWICK

Poplars and Hulme Poulton North

Land at Peel Hall; Land South of M62 bounded by, Elm Road: Birch Avenue; Poplars Avenue; Newhaven Road; Windermere Avenue, Grasmere Avenue; Merewood Close, Osprey Close Lockerbie Close, Ballater Drive and Mill Lane, Poplars & Hulme, Warrington

Major Development: Outline planning application for a new mixed use neighbourho

Appeal Determined

Appeal Determined

Decision: Refused

Decision Date: 24-Feb-2017

Conditions/Reasons For Refusal:

Type Description
Informative Outline planning permission is refused on the basis of the following material: - Detailed access plans covering: HTp/1107/08/N Birch Avenue access; HTp/1107/09/K Poplars Avenue West access ; HTp/1107/10/K Blackbrook Avenue access; HTp/1107/11/J Mill Lane access ; HTp/1107/12/O Poplars Avenue access ; HTp/1107/30/E Grasmere Avenue access. - Environmental Statement (3 volumes including non-technical summary) - Planning Context Assessment Report - Transport Assessment - Landscape and Visual Assessment Report - Ecology Reports - Retail Assessment - Phase One Desk Study Report - Technical Paper on Housing Issues - Flood Risk Assessment - Utilities Report - Air Quality Assessment - Noise Assessment - Archaeology Assessment - Pre-Application advice letter - Draft Heads of Terms for S106 agreement - Statement of Community Involvement - Parameters plan - Landscape Masterplan (illustrative) - Site Masterplan (illustrative) - Layout for local centre, family pub and school (illustrative) - Sports and recreation plan (illustrative) - Design and Access Statement - Woodland Trust Boundary Proposals drawing no 1820_28
Reason It is considered that insufficient information has been submitted to enable the local planning authority to confirm that the potential impacts of the proposed development on the transport network would not be severe, in the terms set out in paragraph 32 of the National Planning Policy Framework. In the absence of adequate information to accurately forecast potential impact, it is not considered possible to design and deliver suitable highways/ transport mitigation nor, consequently, to confirm that the proposal would be acceptable in terms of its air quality and traffic noise effects. The submitted information contains no agreed base year model, forecast year models, or Local Model Validation Report. In these circumstances, therefore, the local planning authority can not confirm that there would not be serious conflict with the following policies in the Local Plan Core Strategy for Warrington: - CS1 (seventh and eleventh bullets); - QE6 (fifth, sixth and tenth bullet); - QE7 (third bullet); - MP1 (All bullets); - MP3; - MP4; - MP7 (both bullets); - MP10 (first, second and third bullets).
Reason The proposal would not deliver the range of measures required to support a development of this nature and scale, with regard to the provision of school places; healthcare facilities and sport and recreation provision required by the Council’s adopted Planning Obligations Supplementary Planning Document, in support of policies CS1 (second and seventh bullet points) and MP10 (first, second and third bullets) of the Local Plan Core Strategy for Warrington. In the absence of such provision it is considered that the proposed development would not be sustainable in the sense intended by paragraph 7 (second bullet) of the National Planning Policy Framework.