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Rixton and Woolston. DO NOT USE


Householder - Proposed detached double garage

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Decision: Approved with Conditions

Decision Date: 29-Apr-2014

Conditions/Reasons For Refusal:

Type Description
Condition The development hereby approved shall be commenced before the expiration of three years from the date of this permission. Reason: To ensure that the Local Planning Authority retains the right to review unimplemented permissions and to comply with Section 91 (as amended) of the Town & Country Planning Act 1990.
Condition The development shall be carried out in accordance with the following document: drawing number GM/2014/3/1. Reason: for the avoidance of doubt and to enable Warrington Borough Council to adequately control the development and to minimise its impact on the amenities of the local area and to conform with Policy QE6 of the Warrington Core Strategy.
Condition The facing and roofing materials to be used in the construction of the extension hereby approved shall match in colour and texture those used on the existing building. Reason: To ensure the use of appropriate materials, in the interests of the visual amenities of the locality and in order to comply with Policy QE6 of the Warrington Core Strategy and the Warrington SPD: Design and Construction
Informative The applicant's attention is drawn to the advice of the Environment Agency that the property lies within a High flood risk zone with an annual probability from river flooding of 1% or greater and/or tidal flooding of 0.5% or greater. The environment agencies minimum requirement is that finished floor levels of the proposed extension are no lower than existing and that the applicant considers the incorporation of flood proofing measures during the construction of the extension. For further advice the Environment Agency can be contacted on Tel: 08708 506 506
Informative Historical mapping indicates a former potentially contaminative land use that may affect the (re)development of the site. The site is located on a former landfill site (Contaminated Land Ref: CL0324) which is a known ground gas generation source. The Applicant/Developer must ensure that the appointed Contractors and Building Control Officer are made aware of the above, so that adequate precautions can be taken to protect Construction Workers, future Site Users and the wider public from land contamination issues. Contamination encountered during works must be reported immediately to the LPA and works halted within the affected area. Contact: Further information regarding the above advisory can be obtained from the Environmental Protection Team at the LPA (Tel: 01925 442581) Disclaimer: Irrespective of any involvement by this LPA, the responsibility to address contaminated land issues, including safe (re)development and secure occupancy, resides entirely with the Landowner/Developer of the site.
Informative In the interests of residential amenity, the applicant/agent/developer is strongly advised to adopt the following recommended construction/demolition hours for all works on site. Works audible at or beyond the site boundary should not occur outside of Monday to Friday 08.00hrs to 18.00 hrs, Saturday 08.30hrs to 13.30hrs and at no time on Sundays or Public/Bank Holidays. Noisy or disruptive works carried on outside of these hours are much more likely to raise objections or complaints by local residents (due to disturbance) to the redevelopment of the site which may, in turn, result in formal action being pursued by Public Protection Services to enforce the recommended hours. Contact: For more advice and guidance on recommended construction/demolition hours or construction/demolition methods, please contact an officer from Public Protection on 01925 442589.